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All The Hits. All The Time.
Katy Perry. Pink. Justin Timberlake. You get it.

We break new music first, weeks before broadcast radio stations.

All day each Wednesday!  A full decade of 80s hits squeezed into one day – not just “Big 80s,” but the entire decade – the punk, pop, hair band rock and cheesy ballads that made the 80s decade uniquely its own.

Relax each Sunday with Smooth Jazz!  Starting at noon pacific time, this unique blend of smooth jazz and adult contemporary favorites is the perfect blend to start the new week.

The 1990s – the birth of the Internet, cell phones, AOL, the Macarena, TV shows like Friends, and of course your favorite hip hop, grunge and alternative music that defined the decade. Each weekday at 9am and 9pm pacific time.

Amp it up!  Cardio Radio happens weekdays from noon-1 pacific time – your favorite songs beatmixed, back-to-back.  The high beats per minute are sure to help you keep the pace while you work out!